Times and wotnot

So all the times I have for the route are updated on 2017 ride completions. Included are the DNFs. I am sure there were a few more riders started so not sure I have heard back from everyone.

It was a lovely day (maybe not such a lovely night for those that rode through). Nice ride out with the group and a stop at the top of Fullabrook to remember Mike Hall.

Well done to all those that attempted it.

A nice write up of the route here by Andrea Rodgers. I think she had enough kit packed to ride to Kathmandu. So fair play for finishing.


Cheers all.

Happy trails.


Well done

A big well done to everyone that attempted the route on Friday. On the whole feedback has been positive. Some sections were loathed by some and loved by others. The track seems to have been a bit off on a couple of wooded sections. I had ridden it using the track and it seemed OK but I will try and tighten it up.

I will cobble together times over the next day or two and get them up on the site.

All the best


Latest start list

  1. Alan Goldsmith
  2. Carwyn Williams
  3. Javier Simon
  4. Ben Eardley
  5. Marc Baker
  6. Sean Belson
  7. Mark Shakespeare
  8. Gareth Ruck
  9. Peter Worsfold
  10. Andy Lawrence
  11. James Taylor
  12. Philip Fraser-Thomson
  13. Lars Henning
  14. Rob McIntyre
  15. Duncan Lovett
  16. Phil Thomas
  17. Bill Corr
  18. Scott McKinnon
  19. Richard Garcia
  20. Ian Fitz
  21. Ben Smith
  22. Ned Kelly
  23. Rob Commons
  24. Gabriel Mak
  25. Robert Courtney
  26. Adam Paull
  27. Adrian Baskerville
  28. Liam Glen
  29. Andrew Willingale
  30. Ian Penton-Voak
  31. Craig McGhee
  32. Matthew Hildrew
  33. Luke Holliday
  34. Mike Clarke
  35. Mark Armitage
  36. John Baker
  37. Brennan Townshend
  38. Andrew Rodgers
  39. Andrea Rodgers
  40. Aidan Robbins
  41. John Linden

The run in

So it is less than three weeks now before just over 40 people line up outside Wild Thyme cafe in Braunton to try and get round the Braunton 150 course.

The basic idea of the event is for the riders to complete the 150 mile off road route self supported in as quick a time as they can. It is not a race but a self supported challenge. The riders will follow a gps track. Each will have a different strategy.

Much will depend on the weather. Last year saw lovely sunshine on the first day and the tail end of storm Katie blow in on the second day. Conditions were ‘challenging’. The amount of climbing on the course, around 6500m, means that if it is wet it becomes much harder to keep your pace up. Exmoor is a technical place to ride and off road miles are much harder earned than road equivalent.

Most of the riders will get back to Wild Thyme at some point on the Saturday. The progress of many riders, who will carry gps trackers, will be able to be seen here:


The course and riders locations will be added to the page before the start.

Talking of the start. The start of the event will be 0930 at Wild Thyme cafe in Braunton on Friday 14th April. It was nice to see the riders roll out of Braunton last year. Come along and give them a cheer. I am sure they could do with it.

All the best.



Never climb on cheese..

Vix at Wild Thyme has said she will open the cafe a bit earlier than normal if people want a coffee and some breccy before the ride. The cafe is right at the start and people hung around a bit before the off last year for a chin wag and catch up over a brew or two. if you do plan to get there a little earlier let me know so I can let Vix know.

Happy trails.

exactly what I need

This is the kind of letter of support I need. Using local facilities and also anything about unique character of the landscape in N Devon and Exmoor would be great.

Making a film of this years event sound like a great way to promote the event and the area. I’ll be staying locally before and after the event and whilst I’m out riding my wife will still be in the area, she’s looking for a spa hotel to treat herself but I think I’ll be paying 🙂

Hopefully the film will encourage others to both enter the event on future group starts and also to tackle to route as an ITT once they see all it has to offer.

Hope you get the funding you need for the film to happen.


2 minutes of your time

So I am applying to some local funding to get the film made this year. The funding will only be used for equipment hire and professionals to shoot footage. My time is as a volunteer as for the event.

If you could take 2 minutes to pen a short email of support it would help greatly.



5 minutes of fame

So the ball has started rolling on putting together a short film based around the event.

It is early days but the film guys I am working with are professionals who produce pieces for the BBC and Red Bull.

This is to be no glitzy slick advert for self supported riding though. Our interest is in showing the event, the landscape and the riders as they really are. The film will be a mixture of pre and post event interviews, conventional and drone footage and rider cams.

We will be doing some route recce work in the next few weeks but I am also looking to get a handle on the riders who we will concentrate on for the interviews. I know most of you will be focused on the challenge and I don’t want to disturb that. But it would be great to get an insight into a few key riders and their journey before, during and after the event.

If you are interested in being interviewed can you please drop me an email/facebook message.

All the best


2017 route

The same but different.



Build bridges not walls