The rules are designed to ensure attempts at the route is self supported and directly comparable. They depend upon the integrity of each rider, which means sticking to them whatever your view. If you cannot complete the route without adhering to the rules then please don’t attempt it.

Breaking or bending the rules is unfair to all of the other riders that attempt the route.

  • Complete the entire route under your own power -no drafting
  • Any wild camping is at your own discretion – please be respectful of the landscape and mindful of private property
  • Be completely self supported during the ride – no support crews and no gear sharing
  • Only use commercial services available to all riders – no private re-supply or private lodging
  • If you have to leave the route, you must rejoin at the same point
  • No third party sag wagon offering an easy bail out option
  • No caches of any kind
  • No pre-arranged support e.g. booking bunkhouses or B&Bs
  • No travel by motorised means. Do so if neccessary – but once you have then your attempt is over
  • No ditching or stashing any gear to pick up later
  • Gear – nothing required and nothing prohibited. Your approach and gear strategy are your call