Group start 2018

A group start will take place at 0930 on Good Friday 30th March 2018 from Wild Thyme cafe in Braunton . The route will be slightly different from previous years  – but with the same amount of climbing, ‘fun’ technical sections and hike a bike. The downhill section is staying in…

If you want to take part and think you can complete the route in under 56 hours then please email with your intent to ride and a little bit about your riding experience.

Please do not email an intention to be on the start line if you are only a maybe. It just wastes my time and yours. The route is 150 miles of mountain biking with a lot of vertical ascent. If the weather is bad it can be tough.

You will be riding the route completely self supported, regardless of the group start. No drafting or sharing of kit. You are responsible for your own safety and well being. Tell someone what you are doing and check in with them when you are done. Make sure you have all the gear to look after yourself and get yourself out of trouble.

To record the time you finished email/text your finish time to me at the end of your ride. You will also be required to submit a gps track of your ride so I can verify your track and timing.

The route can be completed as an ITT at any time. If GPS data is provided then the rider will be included in the completions list.