The Braunton 150 is a 150 mile independent time trial (ITT) route starting and finishing in Braunton, North Devon. The route uses a combination of back lanes, bridleway and singletrack to loop out across North Devon onto Exmoor and back to Braunton along the stunning Bristol Channel coastline.

The route is a challenging one which will require at least one ‘overnighter’ on the ride. The aim is to ride as fast as you are able while adhering to a set of rules for self supported mountain biking. You will have to navigate the unmarked course by yourself with no external support or assistance

The Braunton 150 is an unofficial challenge that is not sanctioned or supported in any way. This website provides a resource for information, the route, rules, suggested group start time and a list of riders who have completed the challenge. A maximum time limit of 56 hours is set for a ride to be included in a list of successful completions.